Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who is betting on this episode?


TLC premieres all-new season with BBQ’s biggest prize ever - $100,000

Los Angeles, CA – A hot new season of BBQ PITMASTERS has been cooked up and will be served starting August 12 at 10pm, following the all new AMERICAN CHOPPER: Senior vs. Junior. Featuring a brand new format – TLC has created its own BBQ competition – the season’s first five episodes have a winner move to the finale, where one will walk away with the largest prize ever awarded in competitive barbecue: $100,000.

Featuring the previously-announced panel of judges – celebrity chef Art Smith, BBQ champion Myron Mixon, and Superbowl winner Warren Sapp, and hosted by chef Kevin Roberts, each episode brings together four BBQ teams to face off in a series of challenges that reveal who has the best mastery of meat, with a twist: While the episodes focus on a popular protein – from ribs to brisket – the contestants will also face a “Pit Fire Challenge,” a more exotic meat (alligator, rattlesnake, etc.) that will test their culinary skills and will send one team home early.

From cooking non-stop for 10+ hours to facing unexpected challenges, all with the goal of satisfying the picky palates of the judging panel and taking home the $100,000 prize, these cooks are facing the biggest competition of their lives in the new season of BBQ PITMASTERS.

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