Monday, February 21, 2011

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Re: pics from Wine & Wagyu event

I can't explain how fun and what a treat it is to come up with an idea, create an event and then actually have the event take place in a perfect way. The wine & wagyu event has been a year in the making for me and the venue was the Gage Hotel in Marathon Tx. There were a few my friend Drew, who is a great chef, had to bow out on the event due to family health stuff. Overall I did not know if I could pull together and deliver a super ambitious menu like the one we executed this last weekend. Big Thanks to the Gage staff for being patient with a fussy cowgirl and jumping on board with the vision. Unlike art that hangs in museums or galleries, for one night I got to plate something that was pretty and then people ate the art. This thought makes me laugh.

The hotel was booked solid and we had over 90 reservations! Who knew. Biggest compliment of the night was hearing the president of the Wagyu association say he has never had a better steak. I imagine he eats Wagyu everyday since how he raises them and to know he gave it a thumbs up was solid. Sometimes when we are being creative and going out on a limb there is always a large element of fear...fear of failing in many ways and I don't mean like burning up the meat. I mean the doubts people put in our head that stick with us for along time so much so they kill the best of creative sides.

Good Luck to those of you create, doubt, but see it through!

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