Friday, August 13, 2010

Reality TV

Well now that the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows I got my tail kicked it is time dish dirt.  Reality TV is not something I would go way out of my way to do again, but when a situation like cooking for $100,000 presents itself  I think most would go for it.   The Vegas attraction to do shows with a hook like the BBQ Pitmasters is alluring and can be fun if the right attitude towards TV is acquired.  

I found myself super frustrated at the time it took in real time for the TV crew to get CAMERA READY.  For example:  on the pork turn in I was chosen first to present to the judges that night, which is a plus, but my plated pork sat out in 50 degree weather congealing.  Not good if you want to get a high score!!!  I do agree with the show in the fact I should not have cooked smoked catfish even though it was cooked perfectly and tasty.  Hard to believe I lost to slaw, but everything counts and this was one thing I should have focused on a little bit more.  It did not compare to a lump crab dish nor a corn salsa side dish.  My fried catfish was overlooked even though it was raved about in REAL time!!  I naively thought the show was judging us on the items they gave us and did not realize until end of the show that a whole PLATE of extra sides weighed so heavily into being a winner.  It should have been called Southern BBQ Plate contest!!!!

I am appreciative to the TLC folks who got the humor in my audition tape which required me holding guns and talking Texas Trash. All this is still a little fresh and licking my wounds as well as checking my pocketbook for money out the window to do the show, but I think it will be a good memory in a month or so.

If I made the audience laugh or inspired them to grill until it gets cold then I have done well.    Thank you for watching.

A big thanks to Spradley Hats in Alpine TX for making a beautiful hat and the Gage Hotel White Buffalo Bar Rockmount shirt for helping to look stylish.  Thanks to my new friend Holly Jivin for cooking with me and being an awesome team mate.  Also thank you to Chris Lilly who taught me some things about BBQ as well as Paul Kirk, Myron Mixon, and my dad.  It helps to have great mentors and people who care about food.

Keep on cookin'


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