Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pulled Pork Sliders in Midland Tx

Prepping bone in pork butts at 3am tonight to serve tomorrow at Peyton's bike shop in Midland Tx.  Look for white tent and one of my favorite smokers by KLOSE called Elwood. 
I will be promoting the show and serving Pulled pork sliders for $4.00 for "THE TESTER" and if you want the full slider lunch you can go for more!
Huge fan of the Peyton's bike shop and since I ride my Cannondale just so I can eat more BBQ it is the perfect place to be on a Monday.


  1. Good talking to you! Looking forward to Thursday's show.

  2. Thank you. Had a pretty solid turnout, but the rain shut the serving down way too early. Wow was the flash flood wild!
    Lots of insanely juicy pulled pork with a blackberry BBQ sauce leftover. Guess my friends and neighbors will get a free sandwich today.
    Ride your bikes!