Saturday, November 6, 2010

re: thinking about life and cooking

Just recently I ran into an amazing older writer who I am totally fascinated with and he seems to capture all I love in a poetic literature sense. What is fascinating is that through a relationship through food he has taught me some things about life. I bake great bread and he brings me the most fascinating literature. I think this is what life is about! Sharing your talents and gifts with someone who in turn can give your life great meaning. Food is very in the moment, but the memory can stay with us until death. For example in my brief moment of purchasing a phone from the AT&T dude two days ago I had the absolute best food memory story ever told...spumoni cake at a bakery in San Francisco and I was almost in the bakery tasting it from the story. I know nothing about this fascinating Italian cake, but I am now on quest or journey to test this cake out. What is your journey?

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