Saturday, November 27, 2010

Re: food and the bond it creates

When a cook is locked in a kitchen for Holidays doing lots of food turnout for the hungry masses there is surprisingly some time to think about things. Things such as the people who are ordering food items, what does the Holiday time mean and I can't wait to get my feet up! After cranking out 50 pies + and smoking turkeys plus churning out the regular bakery items...and the take out menu, I had a Thanksgiving day of chicken soup and sleep. In reflection it puts a smile on cooks face to think somewhere a pie is being enjoyed, a fresh loaf of sourdough is being devoured, or a turkey is being carved with a great food memory being etched. A single bond between enemies, between lovers, between old friends, between new friends, and within a family can be ignited or rekindled with a fine slice. My hope is this Holiday somewhere a awesome food memory was saved in the bank of a mind. Peace, love and big sky food from cowgirl

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